Mobile Locksmith Checklist

Use this useful locksmith checklist to be sure you have thought about the most common security concerns around your home or business. Remember that locked tight and secure is important but so is the safety of you, your family and workers.

  • All the locks in your home or business are in good condition and in top working order
  • Make sure all of your windows are protected and safe complete with window locks
  • Exterior doors protected with double cylinder deadlocks or latches
  • When you are inside your home all locked external doors can be opened from the inside without requiring a key
  • Security doors unlock at all times from the inside without needing a key


  • Gates are protected with a key lock or padlock
  • Mailbox is secured with a padlock
  • Gardening equipment and tools are kept secure in a locked shed or garage


  • Alarm system is monitored externally
  • Home or office is secured by an alarm system

Safety and security

  • Plan and complete a yearly security inspection of your home or business
  • Sufficient number of smoke detectors are fitted in your home or office
  • Smoke detectors are fully functional and compliant with safety standards
  • Ceiling access has been properly secured
  • Pool gates and garden access is correctly secured
  • Automatic sensor security light is installed for when people come home
  • All valuable items have been marked in an identifiable way
  • Security detail such as serial numbers have been recorded
  • Take photographs of any small valuables, such as collectables, antiques and ¬†jewellery
  • A friend or family member has a copy of your serial numbers and photographs


  • Emergency evacuation plan in place
  • All family members and employees are sure about your emergency evacuation plan

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